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No personally identifiable information is ever shared with other companies. Your opinion and online behavior data is only ever shared as anonymous trends.

We use the same technologies and practices as your bank to keep your data and earnings secure.

We provide you with clear tools to explicitly choose which opinions and online browsing data to share.

The data you share with us is used to offer more personalized and relevant ways for you to earn rewards.

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"I pay my cell phone bill, Netflix, HBO Max, my PayPal fee and Walmart+ membership every month with Survey Junkie."

Leeann R.

Total Redeemed: $1,034

"I redeem for Walmart and Amazon gift cards. It helps me with necessities as well as presents for my 10 grandkids."

Debra C.

Total Redeemed: $823

"I am trying to save more towards my retirement so the money I make doing surveys will be used towards fun little things "

Heather H.

Total Redeemed: $2,772

"I make about $60 a month with Survey Junkie, and use it to pay for all of my streaming services."

Dan P.

Total Redeemed: $400

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